Digital maturity Self-assessment

Tool to assess the digital maturity of the business model

What is it for?

The COTEC THEIA® tool allows you to identify the level of digital maturity your organization is in and supports the improvement process by identifying the critical areas to reach the desired level of maturity.

What are the outputs?

Digital Maturity

Level of maturity of your company in terms of digital processes and business model

Strengths and weaknesses, considering dimensions and sub-dimensions of the model

Comparison of position obtained with national average scores

Estimated economic gains associated with the evolution to the intended maturity level


New business improvement opportunities

Listing of projects or initiatives that can lead to a higher maturity level and to the economic gains estimated

Support in the construction of an action plan for digital transformation

Start assessment

How to use it?

  • Register on the Platform

    Company and respective employees' registration with permanent access to self-assessments and the recommendations obtained.

  • Get to know THEIA

    Consult the dimensions of THEIA and the topics covered in the self-assessment questionnaire.

  • Perform a self-assessment

    Submit a questionnaire with 30 questions organized in 4 dimensions and 16 subdimensions, considering two perspectives: Current and in 3 years.

  • Collaborate while filling in the data

    Different members of the same company can collaborate in answering the self-assessment questionnaire.

  • Set up an action plan

    Analyze the results and recommendations obtained and define a path for digitalization of business processes and models.

Assess your company's digital maturity.

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