Yes, to access to the questionnaire and its results the user and his company must be registered.
There is no cost associated with using the platform, including self-diagnosis and access to the results.
The first information requested, in the user registration process, is the VAT identification number of the company you want to assess. If the company is not registered with THEIA, additional information about the company and the owner user will be requested.
 Company: company name, main and secondary economic activity (4-digit NACE), turnover, number of employees and location of headquarters (city).
 Owner user: name, surname, email, password, telephone contact and function.
If your organization's TIN is already registered, you will need to be invited to register by the ‘Owner User’. If you are unable to identify, internally in your organization, the ‘Owner User’, you can contact COTEC Portugal, by emailing
Yes, it is possible to register several collaborators from the same company. Only the collaborator registered as ‘Owner User’ may invite other collaborators to register, through the ‘Collaborators’ option in the menu available on their profile icon (located in the upper right corner), selecting the ‘Invite Collaborators’ button.

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