Innovation and change management

Digital transformation in organizations begins with defining a technological innovation strategy, broken down into objectives that reflect their vision and the position they want to have in the future, considering regular monitoring of the external environment and market trends.

These objectives are materialized in an action plan, where the ways and means of achieving them are highlighted, taking into account the available resources (human, financial, physical, technological, among others). This plan should also include the identification, assessment and selection of external partners to create and promote an innovation ecosystem that facilitates both the execution of the organization's operations and the acquisition and sharing of knowledge.

The organization is also responsible for facilitating the adoption of new ways of working and new technologies resulting from digital innovation, training, raising awareness and involving employees at every moment of the transition. It is also essential to identify the skills needed to execute the technological innovation strategy and plan how the recognized gaps can be filled, through training for requalification and adjustment to new requirements or through the acquisition of new resources.

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