Vision and objectives

Question 1
The organization materializes its technological innovation strategy, defining specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and planned objectives over time, which take into account the market context in which the organization operates and the positioning it wishes to have with clients, and is able to identify the resources, both human and material, necessary for its implementation.
Question 2
The organization actively and regularly seeks sources of information on technological innovation trends in the sector, dedicating the human resources necessary to monitor market behaviour, observe competition and identify publications and events relevant.
Question 3
The organization has and regularly uses management monitoring tools and assesses the execution of the technological innovation plan with well-defined metrics and measures in a systematic way, in order to support management decision-making.


Question 4
The organization systematically identifies the necessary skills of workers, at all levels, who accompany technological and organizational innovations, defining and carrying out training programmes with internal or external resources or recruiting new employees with the required skills.
Question 5
The organization maintains an awareness and training plan for its employees in order to encourage behaviour aimed at minimizing risks, which is an integral part of the adopted security and risk management policies.

Culture and leadership

Question 6
The organization encourages the employees' involvement at all levels in technological innovation processes, through the adoption of structured management processes and tools that encourage experimentation, regularly organizing initiatives to identify opportunities and share ideas, thus reinforcing the culture of a constant quest for improvement and innovation.
Question 7
The organization has an active participation in conducting change processes, raising awareness and supporting employees to adopt new ways of working or technologies with greater productivity.

Innovation ecosystem

Question 8
The organization collaborates, on a recurring basis, with entities from the scientific and technological system, suppliers, clients, other partners or competitors, with the purpose of acquiring new knowledge, solving problems in the context of research, development and innovation activities.
Question 9
The organization carefully and systematically assesses external entities with whom it collaborates in its value chain, weighing the benefits and advantages of that collaboration with the risks arising from the exposure of critical assets, the breach of information, technological and cultural incompatibilities.

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