New products and services

Question 22
The organization regularly uses simulation, modelling and optimization tools in the innovation process in order to ensure greater alignment with customer requirements, reducing costs and development time.
Question 23
The organization's products / services incorporate technologies, such as geolocation, network connectivity and accessibility, which enable the collection and transmission of relevant position data, status and functioning of the product / service and consequently the continuous optimization performance of the product / service throughout its life cycle.
Question 24
The organization, in the process of developing products / services, systematically establishes partnerships with external entities (suppliers, customers, competitors, complementors), in order to reduce market and technological risks and ensure alignment with customer needs and requirements.

New sources of revenue

Question 25
The organization systematically carries out an analysis of the profitability of its products / services, identifying opportunities to improve margins through the introduction of innovation, either in the performance of the product / service, in its characteristics or in the simultaneously associated services, either in the production and distribution, or even in the way this is made available to the customer.

Client knowledge

Question 26
The organization systematically collects data and information about its customers related to the process of acquisition and use of products / services, enabling a continuous acquisition of in-depth knowledge of preferences, needs and behaviours and improvement of the respective investment decisions in innovation.
Question 27
The organization offers a range of products / services that are continuously designed to meet the customers' individual needs based on the data collected in their respective use.

Channels and connectivity

Question 28
The organization provides online access to its product / service offer and this allows it to sell it on their online stores or platforms.
Question 29
The organization has a unified distribution strategy that integrates digital distribution and marketing platforms - online stores and platforms and physical distribution channels - and business processes, in order to provide the customer with a customized experience, which responds to their needs, based on consistent and integrated communication.

Client experience

Question 30
The organization has as a priority to continuously improve the quality of the experience offered to the client, adapting, whenever possible, communication and marketing to individual preferences based on the systematic collection and analysis of data and information through different points of contact.

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