Horizontal and vertical integration in the Value chain

Question 15
The organization has its internal processes robustly organized and integrated, through efficient management systems and technologies and reliable and predictable information flows.
Question 16
The organization has its external processes integrated with other entities in the value chain, including suppliers, partners and customers, through efficient management systems and technologies and reliable and predictable information flows, ensuring visibility, agility, flexibility and traceability of the production process in all its phases.

Flexibility of operations

Question 17
The organization has flexible operational processes, capable of being adapted in a simple and fast way to the production of new products / services with minimal impact on the resetting and replacement times of the operation, and is even able to offer products / services in small quantities (or units) and with customized characteristics.
Question 18
The organization systematically proceeds to the identification and implementation of task automation opportunities of repetitive or high-risk operations for the operator, optimizing the productivity of the workstation and orienting the employee roles for tasks that require greater requirement of skills such as creativity, critical thinking or social relationships.

Proactive decision-making

Question 19
The organization collects, in a structured and systematic way, process data, identifies normal operating patterns, anticipates deviations and uses decision support tools in all areas, with a view to improving cycle times, efficiency and quality of operations and reducing subsequent risks.
Question 20
The organization has systems and tools that allow it to respond in real time to external and / or internal changes and disturbances, automatically adapting and / or correcting the respective operational processes.


Question 21
The organization has a formal growth planning process through innovation, adopts a selection and decision approach based on a portfolio of risk and growth projects, carrying out the financial analysis (including the risk and return) of each project and adopting a combination of instruments and debt and capital financing schemes from the private and public spheres.

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